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  • Diamond lattice knitted cushion cover pattern

    11 May 2017 ( #Crafts, #free pattern, #knitting )

    Diamond lattice cushion cover Diamond Lattice cushion cover 16" Cast on 68 sts repeat sts in between brackets Row 1. K3, (Cr2b (K 2nd st on left needle through back loop, K 1st st on left needle, pull both off needle), K4) continue until 5 sts are remaining...

  • Bunches of flowers knitting pattern

    20 May 2017 ( #free pattern, #knitting, #Crafts )

    Bunches of flowers cushion cover knitted pattern For a 16" cushion cover cast on 68 sts. With wrong side facing Row 1. Seed st for 10 sts K1,P1. Cable P6. K5, P5. Bunch of flowers K7, P2, K7, P5, K5. CableP6. Seed st for 10 sts K1, P1 Row 2. Seed st for...

  • Cable cardigan

    28 March 2017

    Cable cardigan Easy knit cable cardigan Pattern uses 3.25mm & 3.75mm needles, approx 3 100g balls of DK for a small adult (add additional sts in increments of 5 for larger sizes) Back With smaller needles cast on 103 sts. K1, P1, K1 (rib) to end. Continue...

  • The Tree of Life knitting pattern

    21 June 2017 ( #Crafts, #free pattern, #knitting )

    Free The Tree of Life knitting pattern (for those of us who can't understand grids!!) Cast on 48sts Row 1. K10, P12, K4, P12, K10 Row 2. P10, (1 st forward on stitch holder, K1, K the st on the holder), K8, (1 st back on stitch holder, K1, K st on holder),...

  • Cable knit cushion cover

    20 April 2017 ( #Crafts, #knitting, #free pattern )

    Cast on 54 sts Row 1. K6, P6, K4, P4, K4, P6, k4, P4, K4, P6, K6 Row 2. P6, K6, P4, K4, P4, K6, P4, K4, P4, K6, P6 Row 3. K6, P6, k4, P4, K4, P6, K4, P4, K4, P6, K6 Row 4. P6, K6, P4, C2B (2 back) (K2, k2 from cable needle cn), P4, K6, P4, C2B, P4, K6,...

  • The kitchen garden

    12 January 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    link The kitchen garden, although small, is sufficient to provide fresh vegetables for the whole family. It is divided into 4 raised beds. Most horticulture books will advocate a 3 or 4 year crop rotation as growing the same crop in the same place every...

  • Helleborus

    31 January 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    The helleborus is sometimes known as the Christmas rose, probably because when there is little else growing in the garden at this time of year, you can count on these beautiful flowers to be in full bloom. Hellebores are native to the mountains of Europe...

  • Garlic

    20 February 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    Garlic extracts are known as natural antiseptics and are therefore present in many cough and cold remedies. During the First World War garlic juice was used in field dressings to prevent gangrene. It has been shown to have a positive effect in lowering...

  • Broad beans

    23 February 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    Broad beans are thought to be a helpful in the treatment of water retention and obesity, thus improving kidney function. Broad beans are low in cholesterol and are therefore helpful in the management of heart disease. Broad beans are rich in choline which...

  • Talking chicken

    12 March 2012 ( #livestock )

    There are strict guidelines as to the amount of space a battery hen should legally have. Generally a chicken should have an enclosure to protect from bad weather and predators. Ideally they should have enough space, including a fair size run for them...

  • Seeds of success

    20 March 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    At this time of year, seeds should be sown under cover and in the warm, sunny windowsill, heated greenhouse. If growing seeds on a windowsill remember that temperatures plummet overnight so may benefit from being moved away. You will need a shallow seed...

  • Raising chicks

    15 April 2012 ( #livestock )

    A chick’s effort to free itself from its shell is crucial to the chicken's life cycle and it will die if you interfere in this mysterious process. As I have said before it is part of the natural selection process, only strong chicks survive the hatching...

  • Hatching – A reward or frustration?

    16 April 2012 ( #livestock )

    Hatching eggs, in my experience can be a frustrating due to the amount of variables involved and yet a rewarding experience when you do get it right. I am not known for my patience, and although the time to hatch is relatively short the temptation to...

  • Chicken people

    18 April 2012 ( #livestock )

    One of the best things about chickens is their emotional compatibility with humans. They like human contact, snuggling and walking all over you if you sit on the ground. If a chicken wants attention it might peck you or jump on your head. Much like dogs...

  • Black silkie

    24 April 2012 ( #livestock )

    The Silkie is so named for its soft plumage, which is said to feel like silk. The breed has several unusual characteristics such as blue skin and five toes. They are bred for showing as well as making ideal pets for children and adults. As a breed, they...

  • Silver laced polish

    04 May 2012 ( #livestock )

    Kornelia is a Silver laced polish chicken. We have given her this polish name, as its meaning is ‘horn’. This is because of the terrible cluck she has which sounds like she is being strangled. Despite the name, this breed originated from the Netherlands....

  • Chicken impossible

    17 May 2012 ( #livestock )

    When chicks reach about a month in age they will require some stimulation. They will be hardy enough to go outside in a covered small area on fine sunny days for a couple of hours. In between these outings, chicks will need some interest. They will be...

  • Sexing chicks

    28 May 2012 ( #livestock )

    Silkies - Look at the feathers on the chick's head. Males tend to have feathers that stand upright and curve towards the back, while the female head feathers tend to form in a rounded feather puff. Look at the comb when it develops within two to three...

  • 'River cottage' lifestyle

    05 June 2012 ( #livestock )

    Living of the land, rearing livestock, consuming own grown seasonal food, fishing and foraging, being less dependent on the outside world. Self-sufficiency is the new ‘good life’. With some effort growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs is...

  • The olympic park gardens

    30 July 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    London’s Olympic park gardens cover 111 acres. The gardens were designed by a British landscape company British LDA Design and the American company Hargreaves Associates. The planting design was led by James Hitchmough who specialises is in perennial...

  • First aid for your flock

    21 August 2012 ( #livestock )

    Cotton wool and cotton buds for cleaning and applying lotions. Disposable gloves. Disinfectant. A selection of syringes - for administering treatment. Parasite treatment. Flea and louse powder - one for the chicken house and one for the bird. Nail clippers...

  • Chick development

    27 August 2012 ( #livestock )

    The first few days of a chicks life is fairly peaceful. They require a warm quiet environment where they can sit or sleep. I tend to provide them with a soft fluffy blanket on a bed of hay and under a red heat lamp. This seems to act as a sufficient replacement...

  • Chickens moulting

    29 September 2012 ( #livestock )

    Young chickens moult twice during their first year of life. During the first few weeks of life the soft down feathers are replaced and later young feathers are replaced by adult feathers. In good health a chicken will moult annually starting during September,...

  • Jobs to do in January

    01 January 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    The flower garden Prune wisteria to a bud or two or 2.5cms from the main stem. Thin the heads of standard rose bushes to prevent damage caused by wind rock. Divide winter aconities establishing them in another part of the garden. Clear away dead stems...

  • Jobs to do in February

    01 February 2012 ( #Plants & flowers )

    The flower garden Complete pruning roses before new growth. Lift and divide perennials and replant immediately. Sow sweet peas in a cold frame. Prune deciduous shrubs for example fuchsias back to the base. Remove pansy leaves affected by mildew. Cut down...

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