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January 12 2012 5 12 /01 /January /2012 18:32

The kitchen garden, although small, is sufficient to provide fresh vegetables for the whole family. It is divided into 4 raised beds.

Most horticulture books will advocate a 3 or 4 year crop rotation as growing the same crop in the same place every year will eventually lead to build up of disease organisms and pests. As pests are specific to certain crops breaking the source of food may starve out the organisms. Some crops leave beneficial nutrients in the soil for example peas and beans use bacteria to convert nitrogen from the air into plant food. As a result they leave the soil rich in nitrogen.  

Year one – Bed 1. Potato group Bed 2. Legume & onion group Bed 3. Brassica group

Bed 4. Root group

Year two – Bed 1. Legume group & onion Bed 2. Brassica group Bed 3. Root group

Bed 4. Potato group

Year three – Bed 1. Brassica group Bed 2. Root group Bed 3. Potato group

Bed 4. Legume & onion group bed

Year four – Bed 1. Root group Bed 2. Potato group Bed 3. Legume & onion group

Bed 4. Brassica group

And so on…..

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