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Polythene tunnel. Flexible pipe or wire covered with clear polythene. These are cheap and easy to make. They provide protection and warmth, ideal for hardening off young plants.
Blue flexible water pipe pushed into the ground, covered with netting to protect crops from deer, rabbits, birds and caterpillars/butterflies. Unfortunately netting does not protect against slug damage.
Growing produce is easy in comparison to keeping the wildlife from the produce. So in an endeavour to keep birds off out produce we have made a Scarecrow in an attempt to warn off feeding birds. I started with a chicken wire ball for the head, two sticks for the body. I spent two days tying string to the chicken wire as hair, boring but effective. I decided to create the face by filling the chicken wire with straw and discovered that I had missed my vocation in that I was quite good at thatching. Not in so much that I could thatch your roof and it would not leak but well enough for a scarecrow’s face. Now all I needed was features and buttons sufficed. I donated an old pair of jeans, a necklace and a crop top; I even made her a pair of shoes, inspired by the legend Gok. She is quite the diva, I feel I have set the standard and she is ready for first prize. It turns out that Wanda (named so due to the fact that she sways back and forth) is more like me than we first thought, as one morning I woke to find her lying face down in the dirt, Pod did not help her at all by cocking his leg and weeing on her head!!!.

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