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The flower garden

Continue to dead head dahlia and salvia to keep them in flower until the first frosts.

Prepare to bring in tender plants. In the South it will be ok not to bring them in yet.

Herbaceous perennials mat be lifted, divided or relocated.

Plant daffodils for spring flowering.

Plant trees and shrubs while the soil is still warm.

Plant crocus and tulip bulbs.

Plant lily bulbs.

Pinch out this tips of wall flowers to achieve bushier growth.

Sow hardy annuals such as nigella and calendula for early summer flowers.

The kitchen garden

Cover late crops of salad.

Plant spring cabbages.

Harvest broad beans, sweetcorn, cauliflower, cabbages, main crop potatoes, onions and garlic.

Harvest squashes before the first frost. Place in a sunny spot to fully ripen.

Pot up herbs.

Prune cane fruits.

Harvest blackberries some of the thornless varieties are the nicest to grow/pick.

Pick and store apples.

Plant garlic.

Sow hardy onions, lettuces, salads, beetroot, swedes and Chinese cabbages.


The greenhouse

Stop feeding and reduce watering of all greenhouse plants.

Continue to cut off non fruit bearing tomato branches from the base of the plant.

Sow lemon grass in a propagator.

Monitor the temperature in the greenhouse as the colder weather draws in.

The pond

Remove dead water lily leaves.

Thin out oxygenating plants.

Net the pond surface to prevent a build up of leaves.


Feed birds.

Prepare the ground for sowing grass seed or laying turf.

Raise the height of the mower.

Put grease bands around the trunks of fruit trees to catch winter moths seeking to lay eggs.

Hang wasp traps in fruit trees.

Keep poinsettias in the dark for 14 hours a day to encourage bract formation.

Vine weevils are active now so treat pots with biological controls.

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