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The flower garden

Plant out dahlia, canna, lilies outside.

Dead head winter and spring bedding plants regularly to encourage flowering.

Peg rhododendrons to the ground so that they form new plants.

Plant out sweet peas, pinching out the tips to form a better bloom.

The kitchen garden

Plant out chitted first early, second early and main crop potatoes

Direct sow beetroot, parsnips, sprouts, leeks, cabbages, swiss chard, spinach, kohl rabi and salad.

Sow strawberry seeds in a heated greenhouse or propagator.

Harvest rhubarb.

Plant Jerusalem artichokes along the north side of the plot.

The greenhouse

Sow celery in trays.

Sow peppers and aubergines.

Sow melons in a heated propagator.

The pond

Wash out pond filters.

Add or divide pond plants.


Weed or hoe in between young plants.

Feed lawns and fork compacted grass paths to allow the air in and green up.

Repot or top dress house plants with fresh compost.

Look out for aphid outbreaks. 

Put up extra bird nesting boxes.

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