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The Silkie is so named for its soft plumage, which is said to feel like silk. The breed has several unusual characteristics such as blue skin and five toes. They are bred for showing as well as making ideal pets for children and adults. As a breed, they are docile and friendly birds. They are fair layers and you should expect about three small eggs a week from a Silkie. They make excellent mothers and are often kept for raising other breeds.

The breed is thought to have originated in China, with Marco Polo first mentioning furry chickens in his travels around Asia in the 13th century. Silkies may have found their way west through the silk trade. 

Although Silkies are not classed as bantams, they are bantam size, making them the ideal for the backyard keeper.

The Silkies plumage is like no other chicken. Similar to down feathers of young birds such plumage makes the Silkie unable to fly.

Silkie soup is a delicacy in Singapore and is used in Chinese medicine.

If Brian (the frizzle) and Mrs Brian (the silkie) were to breed the offspring are be known as sizzles!!!!

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